Hawthorn StructureThe image opposite was constructed from a "grotty" piece of Hawthorn trunk salvaged from the bottom of my garden and is one of my "doorstop"series.

 I think further explanation might be helpful. The fact that phrases like :- ‘how unusual’, fascinating piece’, interesting techniques’ ‘inspiring originality’ and ‘nightmare to turn’ were used, gave me more than ample gratification for posting this work a couple of years ago. After considerable frustration I eventually came up with my "Hawthorn Structure".

My motivation was to create a piece of work which did not conform to the typically mundane and boring bowl, hollow form, vase, or platter type norm and to try and allow some form of physical interaction with the work - hence the removable slice.

The log was massively out of balance, rotten in the centre at one end and with massive bark inclusions throughout.

The thick slice was removed to :-

a) give access for re-construction of the rotten base using a range of woods and to create a chucking point (this in itself forms an additional feature) 

b) reveal more of the hidden figuring in the wood. 

c) produce a more balanced blank which could then be turned more effectively. 

d) allow exploration of what might lie beneath and try to produce something worthwhile.

When the inside had been completed the slice was re-attached using screws. It could have been glued but then it would have permanently hidden an inclusion which I wanted to feature.

It was at this time that I also included the chequerboard slice, precisely because it is not what one would expect to see inside a turned piece.
Re-useable fixings replaced the woodscrews initially used to secure the slice, not as decoration, but as functional items (hence the knurled boxwood knobs). It was hoped that this would encourage the viewer to explore (as you would a box by removing the lid).

It does not bother me at all that some did'nt like it, that if it needs ‘figuring out’, or I ‘can’t decide’, or if it is a ‘difficult piece to view’ or ‘I will sit on the fence for now’ . The interest originally generated meant I achieved more than had been anticipated.